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Check the information below to ensure that your event attendees have an unforgettable stay in Osaka, with a wide range of dining options and year-round public and cultural events to see.


With visits to Osaka Castle, afternoons at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan (one of the largest in the world), parties at Universal Studios Japan™, or cruises in the Osaka Bay, there is no end to sightseeing opportunities in Osaka.


Adored for its extensive food culture, Osaka is overflowing with culinary options from beloved street food to luxury dining, from vegetarian to halal. Osaka has over 200 restaurants registered in the Michelin Guide, and is the birthplace of dashi, a primary ingredient that defines traditional Japanese cooking. Check out our specialty food tourism page, the Nation’s Kitchen, for more information.

Event Information

With festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, sports matches, and more happening year-round, there is always something for everyone to enjoy. Check out up-to-date event information here.