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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau Official Guidebook

Introduces the appeal of the city and prefecture of Osaka by geographical area.


Northern Osaka, Southern Osaka, and Osaka Castle Area

Sightseeing map covering central Osaka (Umeda and Namba) as well as the Osaka Castle and Tennoji areas.


Tennoji/ Abeno Area Map

Sightseeing map covering the Tennoji and Abeno areas.


Bay Area Map

Sightseeing map covering the Bay Area.


Osaka Wide-area Map

A total overview of Osaka prefecture with a list of tourist attractions.

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Route Map

An overview of all railways running through Osaka, including the subway.

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Osaka Food Guide

There's no end of great food in Osaka, Japan's "Capital of Cuisine!" With this guide, try and enjoy an amazing variety of dishes and sweets in these recommended areas of Osaka City and Osaka Prefecture.


A Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants in Osaka

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