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Osaka Central Public Hall 

The Taisho-era Neo-Renaissance architectural style with bronze roof has become a symbol of Osaka. Host dramatic parties in the midst of European-style refinement on the 3rd floor Medium Assembly Hall.
-Large Assembly Hall 1st Floor: 810 people 2nd Floor: 350 people
-3rd Floor Medium Assembly Hall: 500 people Small Assembly Hall: 150 people


Kyusakuranomiya Kokaido 

A designated Important Cultural Property clad in new beauty after 140 years. The main dining area extending past the stately door is the height of classical modern design, brilliantly reproducing the historic space with modern building techniques. The gorgeous chandelier and a symbolic stage make guests feel destined to spend an inspired time. Mix in playful, nonchalant production and guests will have the graceful, relaxed party they wish for. 
Buffet: 150 people Seated: 120 people


Dotonbori Riverside Party 

A party plan capitalizing on the scenery of the Tonbori River Walk along the Dotonbori River,  with boarding available at any time in front of the Italian meat bar Del Sole Dotonbori. Enjoy a live jazz band to liven up the party at either the restaurant or on the cruise. A minimum of 20 people for the cruise, and 30 people for the restaurant are required to reserve.


Ryotei Tennouden 

Reopened November 21st, 2013!
Providing private rooms (banquet halls) of a size class rarely available in Osaka, with capacities of around 100 people. Pass through the promenade wreathed in greenery and flowers, take the time to relax in a fully-private room, and savor the luxuries of the highest class of Japanese cuisine.


The Garden Oriental Osaka 

Located on a plot of land covering 13,680 square meters including a main building and gardens, the Garden Oriental Osaka neighbors Sakuranomiya Park with the Okawa river visible from the grounds. The view encompasses seasonal delights such as the Osaka Mint Bureau's Sakuranamiki cherry blossom trees and the decorated ferries of the Tenjin Matsuri festival.
*Originally the Osaka Geihinkan, this was a state guest house constructed in 1959 for when the 5th Japan-American Conference of Mayors and Chamber of Commerce Presidents was held in Osaka, and later opened anew as the Garden Oriental Osaka for use as a reception hall.
Buffet: 140 people Seated: 112 people


Sumiyoshi Taisha Kisshoden 

In 2011, Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine held its grand anniversary festival, celebrating 1,800 years since Empress Jingu's enshrinement there. The Kisshoden was renovated and reopened as a receptacle for remembrance of that timeless history, and can serve standing buffet parties of a maximum of 750 people.
-Akashi Large Hall: 500 people Akashi: 300 people Suma: 200 people


Yamamoto Noh Theater 

This historical three-story wooden structure is a registered Tangible Cultural Property. As a national treasure, this stage is the easy choice for a location to enjoy noh, bunraku, rakugo, and other traditional theater performances. Explanations and performances subtitled in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean and other languages are also available. Guests can also enjoy food and drink while watching the noh stage by using the theater as a party or reception venue. Noh, tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, kimonos or other traditional activity experiences are also available.
Buffet: 150 people Seated: 30 people


Universal Studios Japan 

Universal Studios Japan offers their Group Special Events experience. World-class entertainment and a modern, refined, special buffet, all available to be enjoyed in a private space.

Stage 33 has an area of 881 square meters and ceiling height of 9.3 meters.
-Theater seating: 760 people Classroom seating: 450 people Buffet: 600 people Seated: 400 people

The Peacock Theater has an area of 521 square meters and ceiling height of 7.8 meters.
-Buffet: 400 people Seated:  240 people


The Landmark Square Osaka 

Located next to the timeless Osaka Castle tower and within the abundantly green Osaka Castle Park. This historical building, the former Osaka City Museum located in the inner citadel plaza, has been renewed to begin a new history as The Landmark Square Osaka.
-Lotus: 230 people Coast: 100 people Monica: 80 people

Geihinkan (Expo '70 Commemorative Park) 

Built for the Japan World Exposition, this facility continues in its role of welcoming noted international visitors. The building's architecture is a harmonious blend of traditional Japanese beauty and western modernity. As a location with proper class, the Geihinkan shares its history with those it welcomes.
-Reception Hall: 50- 120 people, ceiling height of 4.6 meters
-Wedding Camp: 90 people

Osaka Castle Nishinomaru Garden Osaka Guest House 

3 Defining Points
1. Location
Located within the approximately 65,000 square meter Osaka Castle Park, this is the perfect location for an up-close view of Osaka Castle.
2. Building
Traditional Japanese architecture, constructed for the APEC95 Summit. Modeled after the Shiroshoin (shogun’s quarters) of Nijo Castle, a World Heritage Site in Kyoto, the location is rich in ambiance and showcases the talents of numerous skilled, traditional artisans.
3. Cuisine
Chef Shu Ishii has held the #1 position in the Kobe area for 4 consecutive years in the international restaurant guide "Zagat Survey", and offers gourmet dishes fit for a party scenario.
-The Main Banquet room has an area of 190.3 square meters and ceiling height of 6.5 meters.
Course banquet: 102 people, Standing buffet: 120 people, Classroom: 100 people, Theater: 120 people

Hankai Tramway Reserved Train 

Osaka’s sole street car, the Hankai Tramway, has the oldest running stock in Japan, with routes connecting both Tennoji’s Abeno Harukas and Ebisucho’s Tsutenkaku to Sakai City’s Hamadera Park. The tram cars can be rented out for private parties with eating and drinking while enjoying the rolling scenery, with limitless ideas for usage. The car can be used from the main Tennoji Eki-mae Station to any desired station along the track, as well as from Ebisucho Station or Hamadera Eki-mae Station.


La Fête Hiramatsu, at the top of the landmark Nakanoshima Festival Tower building in Osaka, the aqua metropolis, is an elegant space with a 360° view of the beautiful scenery in the area 200 meters above the ground. The Yodo River and Hokusetsu mountains to the north, Osaka Castle to the south, and the wide Osaka Bay to the west are all visible from the venue. On days with a good view, even Awaji Island at the tip of Kobe can be seen.
No matter where they are seated, guests can enjoy both the supreme scenery of Osaka and delicious food in the restaurant, full of the sense of openness through its high ceiling and large windows.
-Seated: 300 people Buffet: 600 people
-Festival Suite Seated: 132 people Buffet: 200 people Theater: 204 people Classroom 160 people

-Garden Lounge Seated: 150 people Buffet 250 people
-Foyer Seated: 90 people Buffet: 120 people
-Dining F: 80 people
-Dining A: 50 people

Misono Building 

This integrated leisure building, one of the symbols of Osaka, was established in 1956. The venue boasts a capacity in its multipurpose live hall of 1,000 concert spectators or 800 banquet guests, as well as more than 40 unique bar stands. The venue can be used for a wide variety of purposes, and has a parking area that can accommodate 120 vehicles.
Hall size of 30 x 36.5 meters, and ceiling height of 3- 4.8 meters. Guest seating includes the 72 sofa seats that are installed around the venue.


Feel the refreshing breeze in this beautiful field overflowing with light and greenery within Nagai Botanical Garden, conveniently located 20 minutes from the heart of Osaka. Host parties straight from the movies in this extraordinary open venue that changes with the seasons. Spend time in a botanical garden at the heart of the city: UNPLUGGED HOLIDAY, offering analog time in contrast to our digital society.
Buffet: 500 people Seated: 200 people

Nakanoshima LOVE CENTRAL 

Dining options at Nakanoshima LOVE CENTRAL include Sumile Osaka, a restaurant offering first-class scenery and Italian cuisine, the banquet hall SUNSHINE, a multi-purpose space for parties and banquets as well as concerts and various other events, and the spacious BBQ lounge NOCTURNE.
Waterside outdoor seating and a river cruise offering a panoramic view of Nakanoshima with the Osaka City Central Public Hall at its center, this fascinating location provides a connection with nature despite being in the center of an urban area.
-SUNSHINE capacity: 100 people seated