Global Exhibitions Day 2021

Bringing attention to the impact that exhibitions and trade fair events have across the globe!


The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau actively promotes the holding of safe events, and is excited to support Global Exhibitions Day and its message. This worldwide day of recognition aims to bring attention to the global exhibitions industry and the ways that it benefits local economies around the world, an especially vital goal amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The global exhibition industry will reconnect and rebuild businesses, and is essential to creating the connections that will rebuild the world’s economies. The exhibition industry represents €167 billion annually added to global gross domestic product through participation in the events, and the industry as a whole is a proud contributor to local economies and a stimulus for business growth throughout the world.

What is Global Exhibitions Day?

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 is Global Exhibitions Day. Now in its sixth year, this worldwide day of recognition, celebrated by event planners and industry professionals, brings attention to the importance that exhibitions and trade fair events hold across the globe. UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, has created and facilitates Global Exhibitions Day as a platform for everyone to understand just how vital the exhibitions industry is.

Exhibitions and business events are the fastest of fast tracks to economic recovery.

UFI's key message for 2021

Today, in a world impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and economies on the downturn, safe exhibitions and events are more important than ever. That is why UFI has put forth this year’s message that exhibitions are key to rebuilding economics, and exhibitions and business events are the fastest of fast tracks to economic recovery. Involvement in exhibitions spreads across an incredible variety of industries ranging from catering and dining to AV and media, but the positive impact of exhibitions is not limited to those who are directly involved. Attendees and exhibitors alike produce spending on transportation, dining, accommodations, tourism attractions, and much more. Large-scale events like these have a significant and data-backed impact on the local region, which is why we believe all business events are an engine for economic development and regional activity.

As an example, Osaka was host to the Kansai Hotel and Restaurant Show in July 2020, the first large-scale event in Japan to be held since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only was it a success in terms of safety because of the organizers’ creative ideas to create a safe event, but along with six other concurrent events at the same venue it also injected more than ¥1.6 billion into the local economy, and business talks at the event reached nearly ¥3.1 billion in value.

Opening Ceremony of the 2020 Kansai Hotel & Restaurant Show
Exhibitions Industry in Numbers:
Asia/ PacificWorldwide
Total output in business sales
(including direct and indirect)
€56.6 billion
(¥7.5 trillion)
€275 billion
(¥36.5 trillion)
Direct spending generated€36 billion
(¥3 trillion)
€116 billion
(¥15.4 trillion)
Number of exhibitions held1.2 million4.5 million
Number of visitors to exhibitions81.5 million303 million
Number of jobs generated980,0003.2 million

Source: Oxford Economics & UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. (2020, June). Global Economic Impact of Exhibitions.

Osaka and the Exhibitions Industry

Osaka has long been putting into practice UFI’s message of exhibitions being key to rebuilding economies. Since the early onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Osaka has promoted the fact that the MICE industry is an engine for economic development and regional activity, and that it is possible to safely hold events. We at the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau believe it is vital for everyone, including the general public as well as event stakeholders, to understand the importance of holding safe events. We even rapidly released the Guidelines for MICE Event Organizers for Infectious Disease Control (image on left) in June 2020, among the first of its kind in Japan, which were first implemented at the above-mentioned Kansai Hotel and Restaurant Show. This swift series of actions has ensured that exhibitors and attendees could meet with peace in mind at events.

In line with the importance of the exhibition industry, Osaka is expecting two events large in scope to come to the region in 2021, each of which brings with it the hope and expectation of a much-needed boost to the local economy.

1. FOODEX Japan in Kansai July 14- 16, 2021

In its first-ever hosting outside of Tokyo, FOODEX Japan is coming to Osaka in July 2021 alongside the Kansai Hotel and Restaurant Show ("Hoteres")! 

FOODEX Japan is an international food and beverage exhibition connecting Japan with Asia and the rest of the world, inspiring collaboration among industry professionals and generating new value in the food industry. Described as the “World Cup of Food,” the event is a perfect match for Osaka. Osaka is incredibly proud of its over-the-top food culture and is well known as the city where you “eat till you drop.” With FOODEX making its Osaka debut in 2021, exhibitors and attendees alike can expect an event with unprecedented enthusiasm, and new value for the food industry.

FOODEX Japan especially emphasizes the strengthening of ties among Asian markets. The Kansai region is the number-one targeted destination by Asian travelers, especially those from China, with total spending in 2019 from these visitors valued at over ¥1.2 trillion (€9 billion) in Kansai. With World Expo 2025 in Osaka on its way, the anticipated influx of visitors means that Osaka and the Kansai region are going to be the primary drivers in Japan’s economic revival from the COVID-19 pandemic. FOODEX Japan aims to open the way for this recovery with a greater push in creating a stronger economic demand.

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2. Tourism Expo Japan 2021 November 25- 28, 2021

Tourism Expo Japan is making its return to Osaka! Held in Osaka in 2019 as its first-ever holding outside of Tokyo, Japan’s largest tourism event will once again be held at INTEX Osaka in November 2021.

Tourism Expo Japan attracts more focus on regional economic vitalization and the generation of jobs through the tourism industry. Aiming to stimulate demand for travel both in Japan and overseas and to attract more travel to Japan, Tourism Expo Japan was created by the public and private sectors together amid industry trends shaping Japan into a tourism powerhouse. As an event aiming to lead the world in tourism, Tourism Expo Japan is the annual event for tourism professionals to gather through an exhibition and business talks and offers an opportunity for direct marketing and promotion to general consumers.

Tourism Expo Japan 2019 in Osaka was the first time the event was ever held outside of Tokyo and featured unprecedented turnout in exhibitors and visitors, a success stemming from Osaka and the Kansai region’s wholehearted support. The event was deemed such a success that the organizers have selected Osaka as their host destination again for 2021.

Tourism Expo Japan 2019 in Numbers:

Exhibitors: 1,475 organizations and companies from across Japan and from 100 countries and regions

Visitors: 151,000 visitors in total over four days

Economic impact on the Osaka region: Over ¥4.5 billion (€3.4 million)

*Data from the Japan National Tourism Organization

Among the many merits in attending the event, Tourism Expo Japan 2021 will be an extraordinary opportunity to directly promote new travel styles for the “new normal” amid the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The number of visitors is expected to exceed 100,000.

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Global Exhibitions Day's Key Message

Wednesday, June 2, 2021 is the sixth Global Exhibitions Day. This worldwide campaign established by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry, brings attention to the importance that exhibitions and trade fair events hold across the globe. UFI is using Global Exhibitions Day as a platform to spread this year's key message that exhibitions are key to rebuilding economics, and exhibitions and business events are the fastest of fast tracks to economic recovery.

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