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Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau offers various types of assistance for those who wish to hold a conference in Osaka.

1.Designing the conference


We can help you from draft plans.

No worries are necessary even if it is the first international conference you are hosting. We can help you from the very beginning; starting off from the basic planning, obtaining the estimate of expenses, and making arrangements for venues and accommodations. Also providing necessary information to relevant international organizations and coordinating site inspection tours is a part of our job as well. Full support from the preparation to the actual staging of the conference is what we provide. Such wide-range and strong support are possible because we have strong ties with Osaka's convention halls and hotels, and with government offices and private organizations.

  1. We will make proposals for venues and accommodations which match the purpose of the conference, along with the estimate of cost.
  2. Coordinate a site inspection of the proposed venues, hotels or reception halls.
  3. Introduce travel agencies and conference organizers such as the Professional Congress Organizer (PCO).
  4. Make contacts with international organizations and help invite key persons from overseas. Make arrangements for an official invitation letter from the Governor of Osaka Prefecture. And cooperating in producing material for overseas presentation is also a part of our service.

2.Financial assistance


Please contact OCTB.

3.PR and Publicity 


To increase the number of registrants or to increase the participants of open lectures for citizens, we provide pictures of Osaka's tourist spots for the invitation and the registration form on the web page and other various PR media. Provide videos, posters and brochures for advance PR, especially in overseas countries.

4.Support for operating the conference


How can we help in having the guests enjoy the event?

There are many socializing events besides the main conference such as receptions, live experience tours for accompanying persons, sightseeing tours, and closing ceremony. We will work together with the people of our local network for these socializing events to make them memorable ones for the participants.

  1. Hand out 500 copies of the free sightseeing maps of the city to the participants. (Postage to be paid by the applicant)
  2. You can enjoy hosting a convention by using the "Convention Supporting System". Available types of services are listed below.
    Sending "Fukumusume (Daughters of Happiness)" from Imamiya Ebisu Shrine* Schedule needs to be arranged beforehand for Fukumusume and for the performance of local entertainment by volunteers, please make an early application. Sending the "Queen of Kimono"
    * The Queen of Kimono will greet the guests at the airport and reception.
    Offering specialties of Osaka (Japanese sake, wine, etc.)
    Support hosting of attractions

    Conditions to be met to apply for the "Convention Supporting System"
  3. Introduce interpreters and voluntary tour guides.
  4. Make plans for tours before and after the convention, and programs for accompanying persons. We can arrange a wide variety of events, such as demonstrations of local entertainment, by using our ties with the local community.