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Water and greenery blend together in the area surrounding Osaka Castle, the defining landmark of Osaka

Dotted with attractions rich in history, such as the Osaka Museum of History, the Osaka Castle area is so named after Osaka's symbolic structure. There is nature to enjoy year-round at Osaka Castle Park, sourrounded by hotels and event venues with massive capacity.

Osaka Castle Area is named after one of Osaka’s most famous tourist attractions. Aside from opportunities to delve into history at Osaka Castle or the Osaka Museum of History, the area encompassing Osaka Castle Park offers year-round beauty with cherry blossoms in spring, vibrant leaves in autumn, and plum flowers in winter. The area, including the adjacent Osaka Business Park, also holds many facilities with capacity for large-scale events, including event halls ideal for concerts and other events.

Osaka Castle Area also offers unique and memorable venues such as the Osaka Geihinkan Former Guesthouse or the Landmark Square Osaka, both of which boast incomparable views of Osaka Castle tower, lending to the potential for incredible meetings and events.

Nearby Facilities

Matsushita IMP Hall

This multi-purpose space can be used for concerts, lectures, exhibitions, and other events, with a maximum seating capacity of 857 people. Movable seating can be installed and retracted to accommodate both theater and flat space specifications. A 24,500 Lm high-brightness projector is installed for screenings and presentations.

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Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka

The decor and building shape of this hotel are based on American Art Deco themes from Boston, Chicago, and New York, giving the building a distinct presence within the Osaka Business Park district. The hotel has a hot spring bath as well as Japanese and Chinese restaurants.

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Hotel New Otani Osaka

Located next to Osaka Castle and a few minutes' walk from JR Osaka-jo Koen Station and Kyobashi Station, this luxury hotel offers over 500 guest rooms, one of the largest banquet halls in western Japan, and a variety of unique restaurants and bars.

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Osaka-Jo Hall

Located in Osaka Castle Park, this is the largest arena-type multi-purpose hall in western Japan with a maximum capacity of 16,000 people. It can be set up for concerts, sports, exhibitions, ceremonies, conventions, and other events. Other facilities include the Convention Hall, which is ideal for lectures, social gatherings, and exams, and the Shiromi Hall, which can be used for exhibitions and product sales events.

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Osaka Geihinkan Former Guest House

Osaka Geihinkan Former Guest House was built as a State Guest House to welcome foreign dignitaries from countries all over the world during the 1995 APEC Ministerial Meeting. This Japanese-style building is modeled on the Shiro-shoin of Nijo-jo Castle in Kyoto (a UNESCO World Heritage Site). Located in the heart of Osaka, it offers not only direct access to the major transportation network, but also a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle as it is surrounded by rich greenery and boasts an amazing view of Osaka Castle.

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Sumitomolife Izumi Hall

This 821-seat concert hall seeks to reproduce the ideal acoustics of the Vienna Wiener Musikverein's Great Hall. The wooden interior and chandeliers with carefully selected reflective characteristics create the optimal sound for classical music, creating a space in which the audience feels as if they are enveloped by a collection of musical instruments. The sense of unity between the stage and audience, where even breathing is in sync, is beloved by many artists and guests.

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Imperial Hotel, Osaka

The hotel has banquet halls of various sizes, including the Sky Banquet, and can accommodate large international conferences. Guest rooms from 30 sq. m. in size are available and can be used in combination with overnight stays. The surrounding area is home to some of Japan's most famous cherry blossom viewing spots and a lush river, allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful stay while being located so close to the heart of the city.

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