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Osaka holds many fully equipped meeting facilities as well as culturally and historically unique event venues, making Osaka one of the most ideal meeting and event destinations. Each year, Osaka is host to many international conventions and other events, with meeting planners and attendees both expressing their satisfaction in Osaka as an event destination.

To elevate the value in events held in Osaka, the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau is spearheading initiatives in industrial tourism. Osaka is home to several prominent industries, with many companies and factories accepting tours and study visits. Below we have compiled examples of some such industries available for meeting planners to take advantage of for their event.

Medical and Life Sciences

There are many international universities and research institutions, such as Osaka University, that are all positioned in a compact area in Osaka and excel in the medical and life science fields, while a new international healthcare hub is opening in 2024 in the Nakanoshima area. The biomedical facilities clustered in northern Osaka (KENTO) as well as the cardiovascular disease risk prediction model known as the Suita CVD Risk Model named after the Osakan city are just some of the examples of the medical innovations that Osaka produces. Osaka is also known as the town of medicine; many global pharmaceutical companies and organizations are centered around the neighborhood of Doshomachi, where many of Japan’s first apothecaries opened their stores over 400 years ago.

World-class healthcare hub, Osaka

Cutting-Edge Science and Technology

Osaka and the surrounding Kansai region are one of Japan’s centers for science and technology, with many different kinds of research conducted in cutting-edge fields such as quantum computing, biotechnology, robotics, super computers, and nanotechnology. In addition to Osaka’s public and private universities, the many national research institutions in the area contribute to successful joint research with the private sector, driving international attention on these science and technology fronts.

5G X LAB OSAKA (Japanese)


Osaka is affectionately known to be where you “eat till you drop,” a reputation earned from its hearty food culture derived from its history as the commercial center of Japan and the gathering place for both goods and people. Also known as the Nation’s Kitchen, the confluence of ingredients from across Japan in Osaka gave birth to dashi, the primary stock used in today’s Japanese cooking, as well as industries such as Sakai’s knife craftsmanship traditions. We place strategic importance on Osaka’s branding as a City of Food, and we promote innovation in gastronomy and foster education in the food industry.

Unique Culinary Experiences


There are many companies in Osaka with a long tradition of high-quality craftsmanship work, and the city of Higashiosaka is home to even more companies than even Tokyo’s Ota City, known to be where many of Japan’s international companies hold headquarters.
The city of Sakai is one of the most famous regions in Japan for knifemaking, with Sakai knives becoming an integral part of kitchens across Japan and for some of the most prominent chefs, with increasing attention from enthusiasts around the world.

Sakai Tourism & Convention Bureau Official Site


In addition to the energetic baseball, soccer, basketball, and more professional sports teams that give exciting sports matches, Osaka also offers active sports activities like trekking and cycling. Osaka is also home to internationally prominent sportswear and equipment manufacturers such as Mizuno and Asics, with many factories, research centers, and shops across the prefecture. We take great pride in branding Osaka as a Sports Entertainment City.

Osaka・Kansai Sports tourism & MICE Promotion Council

Academia and Research

Not limited to just Osaka University and other comprehensive institutions, Osaka is home to many academic institutions ranging from Kindai University, Kansai University, and other private universities to the newly founded Osaka Metropolitan University, born from the merger of Osaka Prefecture University and Osaka City University. Each institution soars in their academic prowess with distinct specialties as well as high educational standards and research results. Furthermore, in the region shared by the borders of Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara prefectures lies Keihanna (Kansai) Science City, a national project dedicated to furthering the fields of cultural and scientific research. With local cutting-edge research centers developing A.I. and robotics technology that will be employed at Expo 2025, Osaka gathers attention from researchers around the world.

Keihanna Science City

Industrial Tours

Industrial tours are available for corporate and incentive travel! Click here to contact us for more information on original industrial tours.

Tech Tours Kansai
See here for a list of companies with industrial tours: Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry

Osaka’s Specialized Industries(in times the national average)

  • Oil and Coal
    Metal Manufacturing
  • Steel Manufacturing
Source: Osaka Prefecture “Naniwa’s Economic Data 2021”
  • Number of Immunology Papers Published(2022 edition)

    Source: Clarivate
  • Joint Research Funding

    Source: Ministry of Education, Culture,
    Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT)
Representative International Meetings / Exhibitions

・G20 Osaka Summit (2019)
・23rd World Congress of AIMS (2023)
・The Future Monodzukuri Expo 2023 (2023)
・G7 Trade Ministers’ Meeting in Osaka-Sakai (2023)

Academic Strengths

    • osaka_univ_minoh
      Osaka University Minoh Campus (Provided By: Osaka University)
    • Osaka University promotes open innovation via co-creation with society in order to create new social values. The university aims to construct a Research & Development Ecosystem, where new social issues are addressed and returned to the field of research, and innovative research results are readily re-implemented into society.
    • Osaka University, known for being a leading organization in promoting industrial-academic cooperation, in 2021 received the second-highest amount of research funding from private corporations among Japanese universities.
    • Osaka Metropolitan University and the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau have joined as partners to cooperate in attracting international conferences and other events to Osaka. By collaborating and cooperating with each other to attract international academic conferences to Osaka, Osaka Metropolitan University and the OCTB aim to enhance education and research at the university while revitalizing Osaka and create business chance to increase Osaka’s brand power as an international city.

Industrial Prowess

  • beginners_img05
    International Hub for Healthcare Innovation, due to open in 2024
  • beginners_img06
    Official rendering of Yumeshima, site of Expo 2025
    (Provided By: Japan Association for the 2025 World Exposition)
  • Osaka boasts a status as being an epicenter for research and development in the fields of life science and pharmaceuticals, being the home of many biotechnology startups, research institutions, and universities.
  • Osaka is known for its history in inventing and craftwork. The city of Higashiosaka is the birthplace of high-tech research in technology ranging from electric toothbrushes to orbital satellites.
  • AI diagnostics, genome therapy, and other cutting-edge fields in regenerative medicine experience rapid development in Osaka. 2024 will see the opening of the International Hub for Healthcare Innovation, the first research center of its kind in Japan where medical institutions, venture startups, and supporting organizations will come to together to contribute to the future of regenerative medicine.
  • Yumeshima, the site of World Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, will see the realization of the cutting-edge Smart Resort City concept, while the Grand Green Osaka urban development project adjacent to Osaka Station will feature a massive urban park as well as the collaboration between industry, academia, and government.
    Images provided by GRAND GREEN OSAKA Development Consortium

Industrial Tours

Industrial tours are available for corporate and incentive travel! Click here to contact us for more information on original industrial tours.

Tech Tours Kansai
See here for a list of companies with industrial tours: Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry