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After-Event Experiences

The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau offers a wide selection of cultural programs and activities, giving participants of meetings and incentives alike a chance to experience Japanese culture first-hand. The following are just a few of the programs available, so please inquire for more information.

Noh and Kyogen Theater Workshops

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  • Noh is the oldest extant theater art in the world with more than 600 years of tradition, while Kyogen is a form of comedy theater. Learn and experience these traditional arts through an organized workshop.

Bay and River Cruises through Osaka

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  • Osaka is celebrated for its extensive network of rivers winding through the city. From the deck of an open-roofed cruiser, get a fresh perspective and close-up view of historical and lively Osaka. Contact us for information on the many river cruise and party plans available.

Cooking and Culinary Experiences

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  • Create and experience okonomiyaki and takoyaki, two of Osaka’s most celebrated specialties. The number of restaurants serving okonomiyaki in Osaka is as many as 3,000. Learn how to make the dishes with your own hands and enjoy them as a group the Osaka way.

City Tours and Shopping

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  • A vivid and bright city, Osaka is a shopper’s paradise with bustling shopping spots ranging from high-end boutiques along Midosuji Boulevard to local night markets with distinct flavor. Explore the vibrant city streets and discover the countless hidden gems tucked away in the downtown areas.

Museum Tours

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  • Osaka features some of Japan’s most impressive cultural, artistic, and scientific centers, with museums to explore ranging from the Osaka Museum of Natural History and the Osaka Science Museum, to the Museum of Oriental Ceramics and the newly-opened Nakanoshima Museum of Art, Osaka.

Industrial Museum Tours and Experiences

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  • Home to some of the world’s most renowned companies, Osaka is a city built on manufacturing. There are a large number of industrial museums scattered throughout Osaka city and prefecture, featuring everything from machinery and metal to foodstuffs, beverages, consumer electronics, biotechnology, and robots. Some facilities offer factory tours and hands-on experiences.



Overflowing with an inexhaustible variety of world-renowned tourist attractions, every day in Osaka is filled with enchanting and unforgettable activities. And with a history of more than 1,500 years, Osaka has long been a bustling merchant city and is today filled with rich historical and cultural sites. For more information and itinerary ideas, talk a look at our Osaka Info website.

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Deep Experience Osaka

Deep Experience Osaka is a travel experience information website that makes it possible for all international visitors to Osaka to find authentic, immersive, enthralling experiences and guided tours of the sort not available anywhere else. Use Deep Experience Osaka to make your own unforgettable memories.

A wealth of delightfully special,
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  • With categories like history, culture, food, entertainment, sports, and more, the engaging, exciting experiences offer glimpses into the real Osaka, a side of the city still unknown to international visitors.

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  • Don’t worry if you find yourself with time to kill while on your trip. You can book an experience immediately or get one of Deep Experience’s many money-saving last-minute deals.

There are also original guided tours available exclusively through Deep Experience!

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  • Deep Experience also lists a wealth of original guided tours only available in Osaka. Whether you’re looking for a historical stroll, or a gourmet walk with drinks, you will undoubtedly be able to find an experience to move you.