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The OCTB offers a wide selection of spouse programs, giving participants of meetings and incentives alike a chance to experience Japanese culture first-hand. The following are just a few of the programs available, so please inquire for more information.

Noh or Kyogen Workshop


Noh is the oldest extant theater art in the world with more than 600 years of tradition, while Kyogen is a form of comedy theater. Learn and experience these traditional arts through an organized workshop.

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City Tour and Shopping


The city's Minami (South) district is full of real Osaka color with busy shopping streets and popular gourmet shopping arcades.

Museum Tour


Major museums include the Museum of Oriental Ceramics, the National Museum of Ethnology, the National Museum of Art, the Maritime Museum, the Science Museum, and Osaka Museum of History. The Museum of Oriental Ceramics has the largest collection of oriental ceramics in the world.

Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki Making


Okonomiyaki and takoyaki are Osaka specialties. The number of restaurants serving Okonomiyaki in Osaka is as many as 3,000. Taste them and make them with your own hands!

Bay and River Cruises through Osaka


Osaka is known as a water metropolis. From the deck of an open-roofed cruiser, get a fresh perspective and close-up view of historical and lively Osaka.

Industrial Tours


Osaka is a city built on manufacturing. There are a large number of industrial museums scattered throughout both Osaka city and prefecture, featuring everything from machinery and metal to foodstuffs, beverages, consumer electronics, biotechnology and robots, which are presently proving to be very popular. Factory tours and some hands-on experiences are available in some facilities.

Flower Arrangement, Tea Ceremony and Kimono Fitting 


Experience traditional cultural activities such as flower arrangement, tea ceremony, and kimono fitting first-hand. Enjoying these activities will bring greater understanding of Japanese culture.

Samurai Experience 


Samurai instructors demonstrate Tate (Japanese sword fighting) and then show you how to handle a Samurai sword. After practicing the basics of Tate, change into a kimono and learn one-on-one sword fighting. At the end of the lesson, some of the participants play roles in a scene from a film with sound effects and BGM. Time: 30 to 60 minutes (can be changed upon request.)

Food Sample Making Workshop 


Experience food model making, a unique industry born in Japan. Make your original parfait or cake by using more than twenty kinds of toppings and take them home!

Sushi Making 


How about trying a sushi making experience? An expert chef teaches you how to prepare sushi. It is easy to make your original sushi.

Tuna Filleting Demonstration 


In Osaka Prefecture there are several restaurants where you can enjoy a tuna filleting demonstration upon request (reservations required in advance, the demonstration may not be available depending on the schedule.) The restaurant will serve bluefin tuna cultured in the Mediterranean Sea or Mexico, transported to Osaka with the latest technology. Even smaller groups can join this event.