Tokaido Shinkansen

Reserve an entire car on the Tokaido shinkansen bullet train for memorable events.

JR Central offers the chance to organize original events aboard entire cars on Tokaido line shinkansen bullet trains running between Tokyo and Shin-Osaka stations. In addition to reserved cars sporting seatback covers with custom designs and unique decorations special carpet applied to aisles, reservation packages also provide the option to rent monitors and AV equipment for internal broadcasting only to reserved cars. Reserved cars will also enjoy hospitality from specially-assigned staff and pursers, greetings and sendoffs from station staff, welcome banners, and digital signage above ticket gates at stations. Reserve a car on the Tokaido shinkansen and experience a unique way to travel for your group.

General Information

  • wifi
Phone 03-3450-5212
Details ・Reservations available for entire car or multiple cars.
・Reservations also available for entire train.
・Dining permitted.
・Please inquire for rates.