Yamamoto Noh Theater

A Noh theater that carries within itself the beating heart of Japan's traditional culture, located near Osaka Castle and registered as a Japanese national Tangible Cultural Property

Located in the near vicinity of Osaka Castle, Yamamoto Noh Theater is the oldest Noh theater in Osaka City, with a history of about 95 years. The space of the building is utilized in its entirety for performances of the traditional stage arts such as Noh, Bunraku, Rakugo, Kōdan, and is also used as a unique venue for events and receptions. Yamamoto Noh Theater is a valuable historical building that has played host to many important guests from Japan and abroad. It is popular as a place where you can experience the atmosphere of high culture unique to Osaka and has been visited by former British Prime Minister May and the wife of Thailand's former prime minister.

General Information

  • Nearby coin parking
  • isu Accessible restroom. 3 wheelchairs spots in venue.
  • wifi
Directions 3 min. walk from Tanimachi 4-chome Station on the Osaka Metro Tanimachi Line
Address 1-3-6 Tokuicho, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0025
Phone 06-6943-9454
Room Noh Stage 1F Green Room 2F Green Room Library
Floor Space 588 sq. m. 60 sq. m. 60 sq. m. 45 sq. m.
Banquet Capacity 80 20 20 12
Cocktails Capacity 150 25 25 15
Theater Setting 80 20 20 12
Price From ¥80,000 From ¥30,000 From ¥30,000 From ¥20,000
Usage Hours 9:00- 21:00 9:00- 21:00 9:00- 21:00 9:00- 21:00
Notes Heated floors, food & drink permitted