Seminars on Green Recovery and the UN SDGs

Discussions on sustainability within the food industry, at the 13th Hotel & Restaurant Show ('Hoteres') and FOODEX Japan in Kansai 2021


Under the theme of "Precedents in Green Recovery: Using Japanese Food to Confront Planetary Boundaries," the following three speakers led a panel discussion and seminar on "green recovery" as well as Sustainable Development Goals in the food industry.


Experience Designer and CEO
Kenichi Watanabe


Tsuji Culinary Institute/ Tsuji Institute of Patisserie
Planning Division Chief, Director of the Office for the Promotion of Industry-Academia Collaboration
Tamaki Bito


Osaka City University
Lecturer, Graduate School of Business
Tetsu Kobayashi


Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, trade fairs and other events have experienced cancellations and postponements, but thanks to the safety measures put in place by the organizers, the 13th Hotel & Restaurant Show ('Hoteres') and FOODEX Japan in Kansai 2021 were a success, being held between July 14- 16 at INTEX Osaka and receiving over 4,000 visitors. Over the course of the three days, exhibitors interacted with visitors through energetic promotional and sales talks, with the event becoming a beacon of recovery for the food industry.

Concurrently with the sales talks, the above three speakers led discussions on progress in "green recovery" within the food industry worldwide, and initiatives towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. At present, the international community is encouraging green recovery with eyes on after the pandemic, but amid this trend how should we handle the Japanese food and tourism industries, which were heavily impacted by the pandemic? This question, along with the vital role Japan's food industry plays in the national Cool Japan branding strategy, were the discussions that the speakers engaged in.

Using this seminar as an opportunity, the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau aims to further market Osaka as a foodie destination, and it is our goal to have more visitors from around the world come to Osaka to enjoy Japanese cuisine.


13th Hotel & Restaurant Show ('Hoteres')and FOODEX Japan in Kansai 2021

General Information
Time: Wednesday, July 14 to Friday, July 16, 2021 10:00- 17:00 (Until 16:30 on the last day)
Place: INTEX Osaka Hall 4
Website: https://event.jma.or.jp/LP=2901
Exhibitors: 82 companies at 119 booths
Organizers: Japan Management Association, Japan Hotel Association, Japan Ryokan & Hotel Association, Japan Restaurant Association, Japan Tourism Facilities Association
Supporters: Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau, Osaka Chamber of Commerce, Kansai Economic Federation
With collaboration from: Kansai Tourism Bureau, Osaka Restaurant Management Association