Osaka Highlights

Osaka Highlights


The OCTB attends Osaka Pride!

The OCTB hosts a booth at Rainbow Festa, and joins with the W Osaka, Sekisui House, and Out Japan to launch a float at the Kansai Rainbow Parade!

Promoting LGBTQ-friendly Osaka ahead of the 2024 IGLTA Global Convention

Happy Pride! The Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau aims to make Osaka into an even more welcoming destination for LGBTQ+ travelers. On October 7 and 8, 2023, the OCTB was at Rainbow Festa, Osaka’s annual Pride festival that celebrates diversity among Osaka and the Kansai region’s residents. Over its two days, the event received over 20,000 visitors from across Japan and around the world.

The OCTB hosted a booth at the event to spread the word on our Sports Pride Promotion campaign, where athletes and players on Osaka pro sports teams wear rainbow-colored accessories and uniforms during select matches. International visitors to our booth received our new English pamphlet on LGBTQ-friendly spots across Osaka.

rainbow festa booth.jpg

The OCTB booth at Rainbow Festa

During the Kansai Rainbow Parade on October 8, the OCTB launched a float in collaboration with W Osaka, Sekisui House, and Out Japan under the theme of “Embrace Diversity, Celebrate Love.”


The joint float during the Kansai Rainbow Parade


With the IGLTA (International LGBTQ+ Travel Association) Global Convention coming to Osaka in 2024, a first for Asia, the OCTB is dedicated to creating a more welcoming environment for all travelers and becoming Asia’s number one LGBTQ+-friendly destination.

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