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Experience meetings and events in a soccer stadium!


Introducing the Osaka MICE Spotlight

Here, we at the Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau introduce the unique venues that make Osaka the top MICE destination in Japan. In volume 2 we focus on Panasonic Stadium, home to Gamba Osaka (one of Osaka's two premier soccer teams), where meeting planners can create unique and memorable events.

Why choose Panasonic Stadium for your event?

Indomitable football spirit with superior hospitality.
Panasonic Stadium Suita, one of the largest soccer stadiums in the Kansai region, has an entire VIP floor with sweeping views. Enjoy your favorite matches in a luxurious atmosphere with a rich variety of dining options, and share a fantastic time with family, friends, coworkers, and clients.

Stadium Info

Panasonic Stadium Suita

news_detail03 (c)GAMBA OSAKA
Capacity 40,000
TEL 06-6875-3377
Access 15 min. on foot from Banpaku-Kinen-Koen Station on the Osaka Monorail
Address 3-3 Senri-Banpakukoen Suita, Osaka

  • news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA
    Spectator Seats

    40,000 seats
    Example Events: Concerts, large-scale events, public broadcasting, photography sessions

  • news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA

    12 meters wide × 500 meter circumference
    Example Events: Exhibitions, flea markets, weddings
    ・Vehicle access
    ・248 advertisement displays

  • news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA
    VIP & Meeting Rooms

    30 VIP Rooms, 10 Meeting Rooms
    Example Events: Recruitment seminars, parties, fitness education courses
    ・VIP-exclusive entrance available with direct vehicle access
    ・Restaurant usage available

news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA

3rd Floor Layout
news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA

4th Floor Layout


Capacity for up to 140 at seminars, meetings, training sessions, and more!

news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA

Broadcast Relay Station Room 3
Lecture Capacity: 30- 40
news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA

Press Conference Room
Theater Capacity: 120


Over 300 square meters of space for luxurious parties, receptions, and banquets!

news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA

VA9: 308 square meters
news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA

VA1: 183 square meters

Stadium Gourmet
news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA
news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA

Check below for more of what's on the menu!

Gamba Osaka Stadium Gourmet (Japanese)
A Message From Gamba Osaka
news_detail02 (c)GAMBA OSAKA

Our stadium can be used in many different ways while experiencing the soccer spirit. The meeting rooms within the stadium are ideal for out-of-the-ordinary meetings. Welcoming our VIP guests, we offer unique plans for luxurious parties, receptions, and banquets. We are a public facility, so please feel free to inquire.

For inquiries about Panasonic Stadium Suita:
Management Department, Facility Operations Section
TEL: 06-6875-3377

*The images and video in this article are used with the permission of Gamba Osaka.